About Us

Beginning in 1936 Victor Cornelius was an innovator. He couldn’t find a supplier for menus so he became one. Throughout his distinguished career, Victor developed and manufactured many different products used in various food service and hospitality related businesses across the nation. 

In the 1970’s he discovered the need for a Tray Card system for use in Long Term Nursing Homes to help dietary departments and their staff organize and serve foods to their residents according to their prescribed diets. 

These became the standard of the industry by 1978. So much so that many of the states had written the Victor Cornelius Diet Tray Card System into their statutes governing Nursing Home and Long Term Care Facilities.

Today, we at Artisan Menu Covers, LLC. count it a great honor to carry on the legacy of innovation from Victor. We have continued to service the Dietary needs of Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care facilities through development and manufacturing the first Dietary Tray Card System that is compliant with the Medicaid Laws in the country. This system also incorporates, with permission, the IDDSI Standard for food and drink texture and consistencies for those residents with varying stages of Dysphasia.

These are not the only products manufactured by us. We have a very long history in the manufacturing of Menu Covers and many other “Front of the House” products for the restaurant and hospitality industry. 

Our menu covers are known for their quality and beauty due to our manufacturing processes and the Artisans we have on staff. Offering the best materials available on the globe, several decorating techniques and Artisan attention allows us to offer top quality US manufactured products to give your patrons the experience you want them to have.

Our Brands include: Victor Cornelius, Texas Covers and ClearGuard Products. Each of our Brands offer their own unique products suited for all areas of the Skilled Nursing & Long Term Care, Restaurant and Hospitality industries. From standard products to all manner of custom work, we cover it all. Call us. See what we can do for you and fill your needs.